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Listen Here, Sheeple

November 24, 2020

Sheep are dumb. Sheep scare easily and fall into pits. Sheep are helpless when ungroomed and require constant vigilance to keep healthy. Sheep don’t do well in the world on their own. When a person is referred to as a sheep, it is meant that that person is a clueless trend follower, one who is not well read, is not educated, will not listen to reason, and is unaware of their condition.

Fun fact: Jesus said we are sheep and He didn’t say that our job here was to grow beyond being a sheep. He said that we. are. sheep and He asked us to be aware of our condition and let Him be our Shepherd. He said we would always follow someone; He asked us to follow Him, because He promises to be gentle and kind.

We must be a tragically comical sight, bumbling around down here, bleating at one another that the other one is a sheep. “Baaa. You’re such a sheep. You’ll follow anyone who speaks powerfully and agrees with your rhetoric. Baaa. I’ll just be over here, with the slightly smarter dumb sheep. Baaa.”

This is what I think every time I hear someone proudly declaring that people who disagree with them are sheep. Calm down, Lambchop. You are a sheep. I am a sheep. We are all sheep down here.

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