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What’s on Your Mind?

June 9, 2020

All people meditate. All.

Meditation as a spiritual practice where you clear your head completely of all thought is very vogue these days and I suspect a lot of people think that meditation is a complicated process that requires just right conditions – yoga pants, incense, a candle, Enya, whatever.

I think the popularity of “clear the mind” meditation has made a lot of people all the more unaware of what meditation actually is and how they slip into it throughout the day, every day.

Stripped down, meditation is the simple focusing of thought to one single point and then staying there for a good long time until the thought or feeling takes a strong hold on your person. If you have ever spent 20 minutes of quiet time recalling something awful someone said to you and all the things you should say in return, and you focus on that thought, you meditated. You meditated on a person who was rude to you. Weird flex, but you do you.

Have you ever noticed how you wake up with the meditations from the night before still heavy on you? You might think that you are going through a rough time and that is why your mind is in a constant state of acknowledging it, but, what if you are living a life that is just regular rough and you can’t see anything else because you meditate on nothing but the worst parts?

I started memorizing bulk Scripture more than a decade ago. I began doing this work as a kind of personal challenge, to help teach Bible classes, and also to show off at parties. I sincerely had no intention of this work being one of my most prized tools of spiritual maturing. I did not know that I was, in fact , meditating on the Word when I was memorizing.

I started with the book of Ruth, followed by Jonah, 5 chapters of Genesis, Esther, 4 chapters of Isaiah, Micah, most of Mark, some of John, couple chapters of Luke, James, 1,2,3 John. What’s funny is, I know I am forgetting some. Oh, irony.

By the time I got to working on Isaiah, I was aware that I was meditating on God’s Word – more than that, I was meditating on the mind of God. For about an hour a day I would sit and work on memorizing, and then I would spend the rest of my day recalling the words. My mind was not recalling failures from 2nd grade, grocery lists, news of the day, whatever. My mind was focused on just those words.

By the time I got to James, I was convinced, and remain convinced, that all Christians should be meditating on Scripture. Reading it only goes so deep. Hearing it goes only so deep. Memorizing it causes it to seep into my marrow.

God tells us to meditate on his Word, and Jesus says that he will use the Holy Spirit to remind us of the Word. How can the Holy Spirit remind you of a thing you only ever skimmed? Give him something to work with.

People are really angry these days. They are doing a whole lot of meditating on the things that make them angry, hurt, vengeful, guilty. They take the words of prophet news castors, preachers, and YouTubers and they memorize the words, meditate on them, repeat them to each other, and then spew their anger.

From the mouth comes the overflow of the heart. What are you stuffing in there? May the meditation of my mind and the words of my mouth be pleasing to you, o LORD.

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