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It’s Been a Long Time Coming

June 1, 2020

It happened in a 7-11. I stopped in to grab a soda. The sign on the door said “Please Wear a Mask”. I did not have one. I hesitated, but then figured I’d risk skirting the rule. I was the only customer there and could see what appeared to be an employee in the far back, restocking.

I got my drink and was at the register for just a moment before a woman in a 7-11 uniform appeared. She was preparing to pull her mask up from her chin to over her nose, when she looked up and saw I was maskless and the only person there. She smiled big at me and dropped her hands from the mask, still at her chin.

It had been a dark day in our corner of the world, and a dark week in our country. Protests and riots were happening 20 miles from where we stood, and a mall 5 miles away was rumored to being looted. The moment in that store felt important and I made a point to have a conversation with that clerk.

I am not going to exploit the story by offering much detail. It just happened that I had a talk with a black woman my age about the state of affairs. We both ended the talk with tears brimmed in our eyes.

I cannot tell you her story because I do not know it. My story, is that I left that store, determined to talk to people face to face, and take a real break from social media. My voice mattered in that 7-11. My voice is a clanging gong on social media.

It has been easy to convince myself that I am doing some sort of good on social media. I am supposed to be hyping up support for a clothing/textile drive to support the work of North Austin Christian Church using my presence on Facebook. It is easy to fall into a trap of thinking that I am more important than I am and that my absence will cause a hole that can’t be filled.

Social media is a vapor, a mist. Its viral rages and demands are pressing, but still, a vapor.

What would happen if I turned it off and got deliberate about the people in front of me? It might be a train wreck. It might be incredible. Whatever happens, I don’t think I’ll tell Facebook about it.

8 responses to “It’s Been a Long Time Coming”

  1. Kerri H. says:

    I truly believe the way to change the world is to be kind. To everyone. I’ve subscribed to this ideology my whole life and have passed it on to my children. I wish everyone did. Be well, my friend. You and the whole world are in my daily prayers. ❤️

  2. Beth S. says:

    Thank u for the glimpse of God in her life and urs! 🌞

  3. Wendy says:

    Vbdghbb 😉

  4. Deborah Phalen says:


  5. Jessica Dennington says:

    God works everywhere with you and I’m happy to follow on this path.

  6. Teresa Brooks says:

    Love you!

  7. Norma says:

    Because of the brief conversation we had, I’m not afraid…small steps..i love you Any❤

  8. Kristen Babcock says:

    So excited to get email updates on this!! This and a cup of coffee in the morning pretty much starts off the day in the beat way.

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