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I am Eric’s Wife. I am also mother to two teenagers on the very cusp of adulthood, the founding director of Scripture from the Heart, an avid world watcher, bold and insecure at once. I serve a merciful God and I love a guy who makes my knees weak. This is where I write about it all.  Thank you for reading!

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I Don’t Want to Sound Cliche, But

June 10, 2020

Nobody told me how much of my parenting time would be spent asking for five more minutes.

I’m on the phone. Give me five more minutes.

Please, please, please let them stay asleep for five more minutes.

I’ve been home from the grocery store, but I’m gonna sit in this driveway for five more minutes.

Can I PLEASE have some privacy in the bathroom? Just five minutes?

And then, suddenly…

Can you linger, please? Just five more minutes?

I look back at the past 18 years with children and catch my breath when I consider how fast the next 18 will go. Every cliche I ever heard about the speed of time has come true.

One cliche that I wish I had never visited is the one where little old ladies tell young Moms of toddlers to “Savor every minute. They are gone before you know it.” The cruelty of that constant remark was that I let it guilt me into feeling extra awful about bad days. “I yelled at them for spreading peanut butter on the toilet and never once told them that they are special, sniff sniff, and important, sniff, gulp, snort, and the very best thing that ever h-h-h-ha-ha-happened to me.. Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh” (And, seriously, when I was in that place, a single line from “Cat’s in the Cradle” by Jim Croce would end me.)

Time does go by so very fast. It does. If it is awful, it goes by fast. If it is wonderful, it goes by even faster. I don’t want to waste a minute of it worrying about whether I am savoring it enough. When that feeling wells up, I hope I remind myself to just savor the present without calling to mind every moment I failed to savor, because then I will have wasted a precious fleeting moment with Mom guilt instead of savoring it all.

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The cat’s in the cradle and the silver spoon, little boy blue and the man on the…

Stop it, Jim Croce. You stop it right now.

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