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Grow Up.

June 23, 2020

“Yeah, Amy, but can you even read Greek and Hebrew?

I have heard this question more than a few times. It always comes from someone who can read Greek and Hebrew and it always follows me having the temerity to offer an opinion on Scripture, translations, or interpretations. The first several times I heard it I felt immediately shut down and sheepish. I mean, who on earth do I think I am, developing thoughts on Scripture without a working knowledge of the original languages?

The last time I heard it, I had it printed on a t-shirt.

I need to first start this line of conversation off by stating that I have a deeply humbled appreciation for the scholars who have put the Bible in its current form into my hands. When I put my hand to my well worn copy of Strong’s Concordance or my Greek-English New Testament parallel Bible, or any form of Hebrew text with translations, I know that I am standing on the shoulders of giants of scholarship. I never want to be considered dismissive of the incredible gift we’ve been given by the work of these giants.

This post is not a passive aggressive attempt to shame anyone who shut me down by one upping my amateur opinion with pedigreed skill. I am writing this post for Christians like me, who have no Bible degree and who might feel like they have no ability to read it and understand it.

It is understandable that Christians in America would hand over the studying and reading of Scripture to the professionals. You cannot cut hair without a license, you cannot pull a tooth without years of school, and you certainly cannot preach a sermon without a certificate from a seminary. We leave a lot of things to professionals for our own good. Why would we assume we could read a Bible without some sort of assistance?

If you believe that the Holy Spirit exists and that He wants to train you in the way you should grow, then you must believe that He stands ready to assist you when you read His Word.

There is a spirit creeping through the church that seems to treat Scripture as a dead body at autopsy. It is approached with a Gnostic sense of secret knowledge that is only for the very elite learned. The bones are separated from marrow, veins expertly exposed, and yet, the living and breathing Life that comes from Scripture is dimmed to a point of becoming lifeless. It is an autopsy by the most skilled of hands and it is killing the American church.

You have an enemy who hates you and he does not want you to read the Bible. He wants you to read books about the Bible, sing songs about the Bible, listen to sermons about the Bible, and then never feel like you are responsible to read it.

Christians, it is time to grow up. If you spend more time gathering news stories and following current events than you do in time with God, you are in very real danger. The time is coming very soon when the sheep will perish if they do not know the Shepherd’s voice and there is only one way to know His voice. Read His Word. You can. You must.

2 responses to “Grow Up.”

  1. Jessica Dennington says:

    YES!! We shouldn’t be scared to read! Why can’t the Spirit inside of us help us? Why can’t studies with other Christians, whether they be a friend, a daughter, a grandmother, lead to beautiful, living, applicable insight that is personally directed? Keep diving in my friend. You are finding pearls.

    • Eric's Wife says:

      Thank you so very much for your encouragement. It means a lot to me. These are some very interesting times to live in and I feel I gotta write, but it makes me scared to.

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