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False Prophets were Fake News Before Fox was Cool

June 8, 2020

King Solomon said that there was nothing new under the sun. Smart alecks of today might raise up a cell phone and suggest that, indeed, there is something new under the sun. To the smart alecks of the world I would answer with a firm, “Kind of, but not really.” Smart phones are new, sure, but communicating is as old as time. Means may change, but the end is always the same.

In multiple points in the New Testament, we are strongly warned to not heed the words of false prophets. I think our American eyes may respond more quickly if the words used were “fake news”. Christianity is a religion of spirit. If you grew up going to church, you heard plenty about the Prophets of God in the Old Testament. In my personal case, this knowledge led me to look for false prophets as being people who specifically spoke wrong things about God. If someone was speaking wrong things about the stock market, well, that was just poor reporting.

What if we adjusted our thinking and started to see just how surrounded we are by prophets, real and false? Prophets of God in Scripture told the people 3 basic things: this is your condition and why you are in this condition, this is the future of your current condition, this is how to adjust your actions to change that future. Isn’t that what just about all news reporting is? “Good evening. This is the condition of the world. This is why it is that way. This is where it is heading. This is what you can do to change things.”

Thankfully, God has given us simple measurement we can use to determine what the spirit is behind any prophet we listen to- and, be sure, there is a spirit behind every word spoken to you with authority. Christians who are unsanctified by the Word because of a lifetime of high sugar, no value spiritual diet on short verses out of context and sanctification by the world, will tell you that you test the spirits by listening to your gut.

Friends, when it comes to testing spirits, you cannot trust your gut. Your gut instinct lies to you all the time. If the heart is deceitful above all things, then I think it is safe to say the gut follows closely.

If the simple test has nothing to do with our instinct or perceptions of what we see with our eyes, how do we test the spirit of a message to see whether it is the Spirit of God or the spirit of the antichrist? Easy. If the spirit is not from God, it will deny that Jesus came in the flesh, was the propitiation for our sins in death, and rose again in the flesh, guaranteeing our eternal salvation.

In my youth, that Scripture prescribed litmus test was filed away as a tool to use when someone was specifically talking about Jesus. If they denied that Jesus was God and he came in the flesh, I was all set and ready to shut that false prophet down.

Recent meditation on these Scriptures that warn against false prophets has broadened my view of what it means to speak with authority and deny Christ. So much of our news and, sadly, our church leaders, are preaching a present and future without Christ. They speak of a present that is hopelessly fallen and can only be redeemed by a certain set of policies, or government, or, perhaps, a certain ethnic group could stand up and be the hero. They place the blame on people and prescribe people as the cure. There is no Christ in that sermon. That is a false prophet. That is the spirit of the antichrist.

If you watch the news, you are listening to a prophet. The 24/7 that so many people have on in their homes all day is not spiritually neutral. There is a spirit behind it. Brothers, sisters, test the spirits.

4 responses to “False Prophets were Fake News Before Fox was Cool”

  1. Janelle Vermilion says:

    “This is not new”…I say this daily! Satan’s trickery and deceit in the garden is the same trickery and deceit we see today!
    Amen sister!

  2. Jessica says:

    Amen. Strong truth based message. Gods presence, power, and love must be an obvious base of the reactions, actions, thoughts, and ideas.

  3. Beth says:

    So very true! I hear trust ur gut constantly! I use ur Scripture from Proverbs plus chapter 14:12-“There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” Too bad the writer of Proverbs didn’t listen to himself. 😔

  4. Sandra Dodd says:

    Keep blogging

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