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Advice: Gardening through the Apocalypse

June 5, 2020

The end of days doesn’t have to be all gloomy. A common piece of advice among end of the world preppers is to start a vegetable garden. I, myself, am not a prepper, but I sure do think they might be on to something. I’ve tried my hand at gardening a time or two, so I would like to just, you know, dump all my wisdom right here in this handy location so we can all plant those gardens we keep talking about.

The first thing I like to do is spend a whole lot of money at Home Depot’s gardening department. Just go wild. If you see plants that make sense in your life, get them. Especially the annuals, or the perennials. I always get them mixed up. Get both. I saw a blog post one time about watering cans and it was just precious. Buy a watering can. Also, Miracle Gro is an absolute must. Not. Miracle Gro is a must not. I think. Maybe get some in case.

Okay, now you have brought all your plants home and you have asked your husband to please stop mocking your dream. He’ll get on board. You just have to believe in yourself. This time is different than all the other times.

Put on your cute rain boots and a wide brimmed hat. Sit and look at the plants you bought. Get a little overwhelmed. You are going to be okay. Just take it one little plant at a time. You’ll show them all.

Transferring plants is very shocking to their roots. Take lots and lots of time with the first plant. After that, you can just stuff the rest of them any ol’ way because you’re tired, it’s hot outside, and you’re not even sure if it’s true about plant roots going into shock.

After you have transferred all the plants into whatever garden area you kinda prepared, you need to water them a whole lot. Or just a little. I think it’s a lot the first time and then a little after that? Or maybe it’s a moderate amount at all times. Definitely never water at night or during the day time hours.

At this point, I have to leave off, as this is as far as I have ever gotten. After I have transferred plants, I mostly just keep them comfortable as they pass away. I mean, like, I water them, I cover mostly when frost comes, I try. It just remains a mystery.

I hope you find this advice helpful. I simply can’t keep it to myself if it can be of any use. If you find that you can’t figure out gardening, you still have key work you can do. Love God, love others, make disciples. Maybe you’ll make a disciple who can garden. I mean, the possibilities are endless.

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