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Good Morning. Welcome to the New Normal.

May 26, 2020

I think I am going to start calling every day “The New Normal” like it is some sort of a shocking new thing. In my personal life and in the life of my community, it seems as though there are constant adjustments being made for a new normal in small and big ways in a constant cycle.

My favorite coffee cup shattered and took with it my go to spot for morning comfort. It was difficult, but after two mornings, I adjusted to the new normal.

After nearly 8 years of remission from a progressive state of MS, I suddenly found myself unable to walk unassisted again. My old cane fit so well in my hand that it comforted me with its normalcy. It felt normal. Okay, even.

Just as I was getting used to it, I recovered and was told to expect to stay better. Well. Alright then. This. This is normal, yes?

I attended church two times after I was released from hospital in February. That was nice. It felt good to be back with my church family. It felt so very normal. And then,

March 2020 happened.

It seemed like every week brought a new normal with the shut down. Do wear masks. Don’t wear masks. Many people will die. Only some might die. Cats can carry it. Cats cannot carry it. Don’t go outside. Do go outside. Cook at home. Support local restaurants.

My “new normal” attitude adjustment tank has run dry. I should have known there was no such thing as “normal” and I’m feeling a little silly for thinking it existed ever.

There is nothing normal about this life. There are things that I get accustomed to and then shocked when things change, but, isn’t it actually change itself that is normal? Isn’t that the reality of normal that we have always lived in? Things change. They always do.

Every day is the new normal and I will never get back to yesterday’s normal. It has always been that way, but I only just this year realized it.

One response to “Good Morning. Welcome to the New Normal.”

  1. Deb says:

    Absolutely true! We should find new (spiritual) handles to hold For when the change waves happen – waves naturally come every day, over & over. If we get a break – then those around us are getting pummeled. 💖🙏

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