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Advice: How to Help Your Husband Work From Home in Comfort

May 21, 2020

Obviously, this blog site is called “Life and Times of Eric’s Wife” and I am Eric’s Wife. I think it goes without saying that these titles and blog sites don’t just get handed out like candy. They have to be earned. I don’t demand respect, I just naturally command it on account of my obvious knowledge regarding all things wife or Eric related.

Now that I have established my extensive credentials, let me help you during this highly unusual time of super extra togetherness. Husbands come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, preferences, accents, and eyebrow thickness. A lot of people say that you can’t narrow them down to simple monochrome mock-ups for the purpose of public demonstration, but I am not a lot of people. My advice works for all husbands, not just Eric. You may have to change the pant sizes, but it is still pretty straight forward.

The first thing I recommend to all wives is that you make sure to wake up before your husband and make certain the coffee is ready and breakfast is being prepared. The smell of coffee and sizzling bacon is better than an alarm clock and you will have helped start his day in comfort. While he is enjoying his breakfast, quickly make the bed and dab on some make-up. If you wear make-up for Wal-Mart, don’t you think you should for your husband?

Because your husband is now working from home, it is important that you organize your household in a way that streamlines his efforts. Keep his work space clutter free and make certain to keep your children away from him. He should not be bothered with anything related to parenting during work hours. This is completely on you to make certain he is unbothered.

If your husband is like mine, he is likely accustomed to lunch being provided for him by a company paid for chef. Friends, you can not forget his lunch. Sure, you’ve spent years eating leftover cold oatmeal in the mid afternoon for your lunch, but now it is time to step up and give him daily lunches that rival the chef at his office.

When his work day ends, you need to make sure that he has time to unwind. Maybe he would like to change from his athletic shorts to some fresh pajama pants? Attend to his needs and make sure he is settled for comfort before you go to the kitchen to prepare his dinner. You will need the evening meal to be gourmet and colorful like the lunch meal, but it will need to be a completely different thing, or else his palate will get bored.

I hope my advice for surviving being cooped up with your husband is helpful. Being a blogger with tens of readers, my situation is likely different from yours and I don’t have time to follow my own advice anymore, but you can! It is midmorning as I write this and Eric is somewhere around here working. He was a dear and brought me a coffee so I could get this very important blog post written. As soon as I get this posted, I am going to change out of this bathrobe and go see what’s in the fridge for lunch, probably a frozen pizza, but I’ll put some apple slices out for balance.

Serve your husbands well, friends. This concludes my advice for how to help your husband work from home in comfort.

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