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#1 Way to Elevate Your Message

May 18, 2020

I have been an avid internet user for nearly twenty years. If it’s gone viral, I have seen it. This kind of time investment makes me an expert about how to communicate in the online space, especially for Christians. People never ask my opinion on this, but I think we can all agree they should.

Here’s the thing, there are millions of people trying to be heard and you want to stand out. You want to be different. You want people to say, “Woah. she/he is not like other Christians/guys/girls/accountants/pastors.” Over the years I have seen one trick that seems tried and tried. I am not saying it works, I mean, I’ve never done it, but, I see it a lot and it gets the like,like,likes (lol. echoes.) Here’s the trick:


“What!? That’s crazy!” I can hear you and I sense your doubt. But just think about it. People need to know you are serious. You have told them your message in words. You have used charts. You have worn the badge of expertise in your field. But still, they insist on listening to other people with other badges and different charts. The only thing that will save your message is an eff bomb with a hash tag.

Now, listen, I am not saying this actually works. Some might say that you risk alienating whole stretches of people because you swore at them using the mother of all dirty words. Some might even say that it is wisdom to avoid it, BUT, I am not some. I think that you have to do what works. Or, at least what gets the most enthusiastic response. It may not change public opinion, it may even deepen divides, but swearing at people is very popular and will get you enthusiastic support from people who agree with you.

So, you know, do you. I love giving out free advice and hope to do so more often. This being shut in has got me feeling bloggy.

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