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On Exam Rooms and Putting It All Out There

November 30, 2011

I have terrible posture.  I make some of your grandmas look like super models when they sit next to me with my question mark of a spine.  I’m a perfect storm of bad habits and MS muscle atrophy.

This being “The Year I Get Better Instead of Worser” (no, you did not miss an announcement.  that was the announcement.), Eric encouraged me to see about getting a professional to take a look at where my muscles are and how we are doing after 17 years of MS.  He took me to see a fantastic physical therapist near our home and was kind enough to sit with me in the exam room while we waited to meet with him.

I sat there, all hunched over like some sort of bell ringer and Eric asks me if maybe I might feel compelled to sit straight when the doctor walked in.  I didn’t think long before answering, “Nope.  I’m putting it all out there.  How can he fix what I don’t tell him about?”

It was one of those statements where the brain immediately segues into how that very sentiment could be applied to faith walking with God.  Do I have faith that He intends good for me?  Do I have faith that He can heal all my brokenness?  Do I have faith that complete exposure won’t leave me destroyed?

How can He fix what I don’t acknowledge?

This is just me.  Checking in and shooting the bull over the journey.  Anybody else putting it all out there for the Great Physician?


2 responses to “On Exam Rooms and Putting It All Out There”

  1. I’m thinking about it.

  2. lisa says:

    what a great question to ponder. thanks. i once told my spiritual director that i felt like i was in That Place (of complete openness to and faith in God) about 3 minutes a month – not consecutive minutes, mind you.
    he smiled and asked me if i knew how old he was. i replied, 87. he said, “right – and i’m up to about 4 and a half minutes.”
    may we all work on our minutes!
    ps ~ i join you on your MS ride. celebrated my 20th anniversary this year http://fromcheaptherapy.wordpress.com/2011/01/21/riding-the-dragon/

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