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Some may say I am a "Stay at home Mom," but that is not even close. I am Eric's Wife. I have exhilarating strokes of genius, followed almost immediately by paralyzing pangs of self doubt and, for whatever reason, here is where I blog about it - warts and all. I serve a merciful God with a clumsy hand and at the end of each day I go to sleep thankful to be His servant and Eric's wife.

Bloom Where You Are

May 19, 2008

Watch your step- I’m about to name drop.

I happen to be able to count children’s author Jane Bauld among my dear friends. She wrote a book on Texas wild flowers some years ago and I was one of several locals who attended her book signing.

I handed her my copy of her book and she wrote in it a simple line which turns out to be the best possible one line biography for Jane, and one that I hope applies to my own life: Bloom where you are planted.

What choice does a flower have about its location? None to not much. As long as there is sun and water, that flower is going to bloom. No amount of complaining that the conditions aren’t perfect can in any way change the purpose of the flower. It simply has to bloom.

It is important to remember that you are exactly where God needs you to be this very instant in order to do the work He has planned for you. You may not be where you want to be and the conditions may not appear perfect, but I highly recommend you ignore the forecasts and bloom anyway.

A day after I wrote about Johnny’s need for shoes I received an e-mail from one of you wanting to buy him a pair. Shoes and socks were purchased and one reader bloomed and fertilized my bloom as well.

The same day one pair of shoes was provided, I received a huge stock of groceries and even more shoes and clothing items from the ladies Bible class at my home congregation. Blooms abounded and I am certain the sweet fragrance reached the gates of Heaven and beyond.

I am deliberately vague about specifics when it comes to these kids I have in my home. I change names and identifying details. I do this because I sometimes feel like a tourist to what is their daily life. I know only what I observe in my home and the occasional details I hear about theirs.

What I can say with absolute certainty is that I am blooming where I am planted. My current assignment from my Father has me crammed in a tiny two bedroom apartment surrounded by the working poor. I’m going to bloom. What about you? Blooming?

I want you to get out there and walk—better yet, run!—on the road God called you to travel. I don’t want any of you sitting around on your hands. I don’t want anyone strolling off, down some path that goes nowhere. And mark that you do this with humility and discipline—not in fits and starts, but steadily, pouring yourselves out for each other in acts of love, alert at noticing differences and quick at mending fences.

No prolonged infancies among us, please. We’ll not tolerate babes in the woods, small children who are an easy mark for impostors. God wants us to grow up, to know the whole truth and tell it in love—like Christ in everything. We take our lead from Christ, who is the source of everything we do. He keeps us in step with each other. His very breath and blood flow through us, nourishing us so that we will grow up healthy in God, robust in love. –Ephesians 4

11 responses to “Bloom Where You Are”

  1. Susan says:

    Ok, here is my problem. I don’t know what I am supposed to do in my situation. I have been trying to figure it out for a while, but I feel lost in it. I want to bloom and grow, more than I can even explain to anybody. I want so much to be the person I am supposed to be in the situation I have been place in, but I am not sure what that is.

    There is my drama.

  2. Eric's Wife says:

    You feel lost because so much of your future is out of your hands and you feel like a game piece on the board more than you do a player in the game.
    Right now you are tasting the bitter waters. Even as you wince at the taste, remember Who is in control. You were never meant to make anything happen. You are only meant to be right where He needs you to be. And right now you are.
    And also? I love you and I have Oreos and Dr.Pepper ready when you are.

  3. Susan says:

    You just always know.

    Thanks for making me cry at work…again.

  4. Eric's Wife says:

    whateverdude, just promise me no crying on the cruise.

  5. Amen sista!! Your blooms are beautiful!! Keep on growin’!

  6. Susan says:

    Also wanted to share with you that you have been an example to me. I no longer shoo the neighborhood kids away who want to eat. I just feed them. I figure they need more than I do. And you taught me that. And for that I say Thank
    You, and they do as well.

  7. I love that translation. I don’t often appreciate more informal translations of the Bible but this one is just so encouraging. Run! Don’t walk! And use the right attitude!

    Thanks for the scripture.

  8. I applaud your kindness to the neighborhood kids. I’m meaner than you I guess.

  9. Brandy T. says:

    I so needed this reminder today. Thank you!

    “The right word at the right time is like a custom-made piece of jewelry,” – Prov. 25:11 (The Message)

  10. Eric's Wife says:

    I like that Proverb. Thank you for adding it to this thread.

  11. clint mcdowell says:

    my sister (debbie benaglio) introduced me to your blog. how refreshing. i loved bloom where your planted. we can learn so much from Father’s creation if we will but take the time to ponder. creation has no choice but to live by His kingdom principles. if we have eyes to see and ears to hear what His Spirit is saying we can gain much insight. thanks for sharing your revelation from the deep with us. For your encouragement read Ps 42 when you have time. peace, clint