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On Left Overs, Exhaustion, and Multiple Sclerosis

March 11, 2008

Have you ever had a sudden burst of productivity and emptied your refrigerator of all Tupperware laden with left overs, only to decide that you are too tired to actually empty and wash said Tupperware and instead you put the food back in the fridge to tend to another day?

I did. Twice this week. And I am not the least bit ashamed. Perhaps tomorrow will be my big day and I will actually do it. Perhaps. We can only hope.

The last few days have found me in a position to feel inclined to discuss my health in more detail than, “I’m fine” with some close friends. It made me start to wonder if perhaps I should be a bit more on the level and perhaps give a once and for all answer to some of the questions I am often asked. It happens to be M.S. Awareness Week (Where’s your ribbon? Just kidding. There’s no ribbon.) What better medium than a blog to share and raise some awareness?

I have given this much thought, mostly because I like nothing less than to be considered a whiner who can’t suck it up, but also because the most important thing I want people to know about the disease is that it is only a tiny fraction of who I am but a large piece of what makes me proud of who I am. I finally decided that I cannot discuss the details of my health and its current state without also talking about the true blessing of misery.

That said, I would like to discuss Multiple Sclerosis in two parts. In the first I will talk about the clinical nature of the disease and what it is to me specifically. In the second, I would like to try in some way to convey just what I have learned living in this body.

I would like to do the first part tomorrow, so I would like to now open the comments up for any questions you might have about MS that you would like to see addressed. There are no stupid questions, save for the ones not asked. If you would feel more comfortable, feel free to e-mail me at ericswife AT hotmail DOT com.

This is something that I generally prefer to discuss in cryptic tones with little detail, but I really feel like I need to be fair to myself, others who suffer chronic disease, and any who would like to help but don’t know how.

So, ask away. I’ll just be sitting on my sofa thinking about Tupperware.

2 responses to “On Left Overs, Exhaustion, and Multiple Sclerosis”

  1. Sarah says:

    How long did it take you to get adjusted to doing less than other people? And by less you know I mean errands, all those good things that everyone does outside their household that you just can’t do. How did you handle the questions and queries as to why you didn’t do them? Did you have to play the MS card or just say no?

    How do you keep your house so clean when you are so tired most of the time?

    How have you prepared your children for heaven ? ( I already know the answer to this one but I want you to tell the world again because I love this answer)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Amy, I am really looking forward to reading your posts on this. I honestly don’t know much about the disease; therefore, I don’t even know what to ask. I may post questions after reading your blog.

    Thank you for your willingness to share and make us all more aware!


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